Yoga Belt Turquoise
Yoga Belt Turquoise
Yoga Belt Turquoise
Yoga Belt Turquoise
Yoga Belt Turquoise
Yoga Belt Turquoise
Yoga Belt Turquoise
Yoga Belt Turquoise
Yoga Belt Turquoise
Yoga Belt Turquoise

Yoga Belt Turquoise

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Yoga Belt Turquoise

Improve the elasticity of your muscles and enjoy more flexibility with the yoga belt

The special aspects that arise in connection with the use of a yoga belt are unfortunately still often underestimated by many yoga beginners and advanced practitioners. A yoga belt can actually help you to perform various exercises more effectively and with an improved posture.

Accordingly, it is self-explanatory, which is why many yoga fans refer to a corresponding belt as a clear "must have". Of course, not only beginners can benefit from the various advantages. Many passionate yoga lovers who have been practicing their sport for years are also amazed again and again how easy it can be to become even more agile with the right equipment. The possible uses are very diverse here. In addition, you can use the belt to improve your posture "on the side".

The advantages and details of the yoga belt in eleven colors

  • Many different colours to choose from (brown, yellow, green, orange, purple, pink, red, black, turquoise, blue, gray)
  • Can help you stretch your body gently
  • Two D-shaped metal buckles for individual adjustment of the length
  • Allows you to perform various asanas even more easily
  • Dimensions: 260 x 3.8 cm - easy to transport
  • Unit weight: 120 g
  • Logo print on synthetic leather
  • 100% cotton - particularly skin-friendly
  • Easy to care for: machine washable
  • Suitable for all yoga target groups

The yoga belt in eleven colors and its areas of application

As the name suggests, this is a strap that you can use to optimize your yoga skills. Whether you use the yoga belt in the course or in your home gym is of course up to you. What is certain is that - regardless of what fitness level you are at - you will certainly appreciate your newfound flexibility.

Beginners in particular know that it can be frustrating not to be able to perform various demanding asanas. However, it would definitely be wrong here to work with too much pressure! Instead, you need an aid like the yoga belt that will help you move gently in the desired direction. After all, it is important not to lose the joy of yoga despite all the effort (and of course to prevent injuries).

But also with regard to exercises that you have already mastered, the yoga strap in eleven colors could be interesting for you. Because: with its help you can also try to hold the corresponding positions longer and improve your training effect accordingly. If you stay on the ball here and regularly incorporate the yoga belt into your training, this will certainly soon become apparent in everyday life with regard to a straighter, healthier posture.

Important information on using the yoga belt

A question that arises again and again with regard to the first use of the yoga belt is: "How do I actually use the yoga belt correctly?". The answer to this question essentially depends on what kind of asanas you do and what training effect you want to achieve.

For example, would you like to be able to stretch better, longer and more comfortably? In this case, it makes sense to use the yoga belt as a classic arm extension and slowly approach the corresponding goal with its help. In particular, the back of the thighs should benefit from the corresponding exercises if you wrap your foot around your foot in the course of sitting exercises. Of course, following this principle, you can also stretch your arms.

Many passionate yoga fans also use the fastener on the yoga belt to create a loop. If you do your exercises in a crouch, you can easily fix it in the area of ​​the calf or shin and provide you with more stability. Your advantage: You no longer have to concentrate on balancing, but can deal with the clean execution of the exercises. Sometimes, with the help of the yoga belt, it is then also possible to “hold out” the corresponding asanas for longer.

Warm up with the yoga belt?

Often it is also advisable to warm up with the help of the yoga belt. Here, however, the same principle applies as in connection with the classic exercises. Because: here, too, you should always make sure to stretch carefully and not exert too much pressure. Especially when your muscles are still "cold", the risk of injury is otherwise particularly high.

Tips - what else should you pay attention to in connection with the yoga belt?

Regardless of whether you do your asanas with or without a yoga belt, you should of course always listen to your body's signals to prevent injuries. Even if you can usually stretch further and hold longer with the help of these accessories, it does not mean that you should overuse your muscles!

Rather, it is important to slowly approach your limits - even with a belt - and to accept them - if they have been reached. This is the only way to ensure that the positive effects of training with the yoga belt can actually show in the long term.


Yoga Belt Turquoise

Product code: 101048-00059-0219

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Manufacturer: Gorilla Sports

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