Chrome Weight Plates

Our Chrome Weight Plates are not only produced to a high finish, they are also as cheap as you’ll find online. Buy today and enjoy our free UK delivery offer! 

These aren’t just standard weight plates; the high quality chrome finish is embossed with the weight specification. Our chrome weight plates are designed with a smooth, curved-edge design that looks great, but also makes the weights easy to handle and safer if dropped. Peruse our Weight Bars category, if you need to stack your weight plates securely while lifting. 

For more information about what specification suits you, check out our chrome weight plates buying guide below. Or, alternatively, you can call us or email us and we’ll get back to you as quickly as we can!

Chrome Weight Plates Buyers Guide

Give your gym the edge by choosing Gorilla Sports sleek chrome weight plates. While chrome weight plates are undeniably stylish, they are also tough enough to stand up to heavy-duty use. 

Each chrome weight plate has a top quality finish with a smooth, curved edge, which looks great and is safer if the weights are dropped. Every weight plate has the weight specification embossed on it to make them easy to identify. 

Gorilla Sports chrome weight plates are perfect for all levels of gym users as they are available in weights from 1.25-30kg so you can create weight set suitable for any ability. They are slimmer than vinyl alternatives, which means you can fit more to a bar, making them ideal for advanced lifters. 

Gorilla Sports chrome weight plates are designed for use with Gorilla Sports barbells, which are the European standard of 30mm, and with Gorilla Sports weight stations. Please check your bars before buying Gorilla Sports chrome weight plates to ensure that they will fit correctly. 

N.B. Always use weights safely and responsibly. Ensure they are set up correctly and securely and always use a spotter when you are lifting heavy weights.