Dumbbell Sets

Our extensive Dumbbell Sets range contains six types of weight plates, all high quality, in both 20kg and 30kg dumbbell weights. Buy now for free UK delivery! 

Choose from Cast Iron Dumbbells, Chrome Dumbbells and Tri Grip Dumbbells, all with a highly polished and stylish metallic finish. 

Alternatively, for a dark finish, our Rubber Dumbbells and Vinyl Dumbbells are of a high, professional quality. For a firmer grip, our 30kg Vinyl Tri Grip Dumbbell Sets are extremely robust with in-built grips. 

A mixture of 1.25kg and 2.5kg weights are used to create our dumbbell sets and each of our bars weighs 2.5kg. For more information about what specification suits you, you can call or email us.

The most important thing is to choose a dumbbell or barbell set that is ideally suited to your own expectations, your training goals and delivers what in your opinion is the “perfect training comfort” you need.

If you consider the possibilities, you will probably quite quickly realise that you have a huge choice. In other words, there is no such thing as a standard dumbbell set! Instead, you have to choose between different dumbbells and barbells and of course between various sizes of weight plates.

A closer look will reveal that there are other differences to choose from, such as in the basic design of the dumbbell and barbell bars.

Straight or EZ - which is better?

Modern barbell sets are offered with straight or EZ bars. But what benefits can you get from using an EZ bar as opposed to a straight bar?

Basically, EZ bars are particularly good for training your biceps. Anyone who has done curls with an EZ bar will know that its shape adapts perfectly to your natural hand position. Especially when working with heavier weights, your wrists will certainly appreciate this advantage.

So, if you are looking to optimise your biceps training, it may be worth trying a set with an EZ bar. Of course, a straight bar can still be used for bench press workouts.



Dumbbell sets

It is generally recommended to use dumbbells if you want to train your biceps or triceps independently on each side. With the dumbbells you will find you have high degree of flexibility.

As well as being flexible, it is also easy to store large sets with several weights. To have a maximum of training options, you could opt for a set that includes both barbells and dumbbells.

Sports enthusiasts can profit here from the wide selection of dumbbell sets available. If you want to add more weight plates to your existing set, this is generally no problem. As long as you make sure that the new plates you are looking to buy are compatible with your existing dumbbell bar before you go ahead and buy them.

Dumbbell sets with coloured weight plates

If your home gym is looking a little dull – no problem! You can easily change that by getting the right dumbbell set. However, the advantage of coloured dumbbell sets is not only to look good, but also to make training easier. Different weights sizes come a different colour and so you can tell them apart easily.

No more wasting time looking for certain weights – it is obvious which one is which!

Weight sets made of rubber or cast iron

If you are buying a weight set, you will probably have to consider if you prefer weight plates made of rubber or cast iron. Chrome weight sets also offer some training advantages.

Basically, of course, the advantages of having rubber weight plates becomes apparent as soon as you drop a barbell or dumbbell from a certain height on the floor. Cast iron weight plates will often leave marks on flooring such as parquet for example. The impact of rubber weights, on the other hand, is absorbed slightly better.

If you do prefer cast-iron plates (maybe for their classic look), it may be sensible to put fitness mats down under them. Another difference: weight sets are available both with and without grips on the weight plates. If you are planning to train with the plates on their own and like to have a firm hold, weights with grips will then normally be a better solution.

An overview of the advantages of dumbbell sets

Buying a dumbbell set offers you several advantages, including a high level of user comfort and increased flexibility in your training options. The more weight plates you have to choose from, the better you can vary the total amount of the weights!

If you want to train your thighs and do squats whilst holding a barbell behind your neck, depending on your fitness level, you may be able to train with a heavier weight. If you want to work on your biceps – then you will need to use dumbbells. Having as many different options as possible available will make your workouts all the more individual to your needs. Furthermore, if you have several weight options, you can do both endurance and strength training and target different areas of the body accordingly.

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