But how does sportswear actually differ from “normal” clothing? Why should you not make any compromises when it comes to sportswear? The basic answer is that by wearing the right sportswear, you can improve your training results. Because: if you feel comfortable and have plenty freedom of movement, your training will often be more precise and effective.

Furthermore, high-quality sportswear is also excellent for its ability to breathe. This means that sweat can evaporate away from the skin more quickly.

Sportswear overview: which items of clothing belong here?

Anyone wanting to expand their wardrobe with some new items of sportswear will know that there are a multitude of different types of clothing available.

There is a huge variety of sportswear items on offer for both men and women, to name just a few categories:

  • Tops
  • Shorts and long trousers
  • Accessories such as sports bags or caps

Different articles vary not only in design but also in style. Sports fans can choose between tight fitting or loose-fitting clothing for example.

Of course, it is not necessary to have both tight-fitting and loose-fitting styles from all the different categories in the sportswear range. However, it does make sense to have at least one complete outfit to get the full advantages of high-quality sportswear.

“Small” accessories – an overview of extra sportwear items

It is often the seemingly small extras that can significantly increase training comfort. With sportswear that may be, for example, caps and sports bags that amateur and professional athletes learn to appreciate.

Whilst caps help to protect your eyes from the sun, for example during outdoor sports, and – some models – also prevent sweat from running down your face, sports bags are practical to take your training kit to the gym. Just like sportswear, these special accessories are also available in many different designs and styles. Amateur and professional athletes are sure to find exactly the sports bag they are looking for in our range of both plain coloured and more eye-catching designs.

Sports bras – sportswear for women

For many women a sports bra is a basic essential. We have bras in different sizes and designs and also with different degrees of support.

If you go jogging regularly for example (with resulting impact), you should definitely opt for a sports bra that provides maximum support. This can also prevent you from getting back pain for instance.

A little more “leisurely” sports such as yoga or Pilates, usually require less support. Nevertheless, wearing a sports bra is also important.

Functional clothing as an important part of sportswear

Functional clothing is not only useful for many outdoor sports but for indoor sports too. After all, the fabrics and materials used are excellent for dissipating sweat and protecting the skin from external influences.

Of course, there are also many different designs and styles of functional clothing available, for example:

  • Long or short sleeves
  • Long trousers or shorts

Your choice of sportswear will depend on several different factors including which type of sport you are taking part in.

Many endurance athletes, for instance, prefer to wear tight fitting clothing. This allows you to move freely with as little resistance as possible when jogging against a headwind for example. In the strength training, on the other hand, people like to train with more loose-fitting clothes. These clothes also offer a high degree of freedom of movement and, thanks to specific designs, provide excellent training comfort for example, when weight lifting.

Cooling-Down Sportswear

Sportswear is not only important for the active phases of sport but also for relaxation and cooling down. Professional athletes and amateurs alike know that following a strenuous session, the all too familiar “freeze” will shortly be setting in.

It almost always makes sense to have accessories such as a warm hoodie or sweatshirt at the ready. High-quality functional sportswear becomes invaluable, especially when cooling down or stretching after jogging for example.

Sportswear with a message – eye-catching prints for your home gym

Modern sportswear certainly doesn’t only have to be purely functional. Quite the opposite! The availability of various different designs will prove to have something for every kind of fashion taste.

Sports fans may want to have colourful accessories which make a sports fashion statement. In that case, to stand out, it can be good to go for large prints with striking colour combinations. On the other hand, many other athletes prefer more simple designs which we also have a wide range of items to choose from. It is well-worth taking a look for something you like.