First introduced to England in the early 19th century, our Indian Clubbells are a new must have ideal for whole body workouts. The club shaped weight is constructed from a single piece of solid cast iron designed for durability and performance. The flattened base feature creates extra stability and ease. These items have become increasingly popular since their appearance as a gymnastic event in the 1904 and the 1932 Olympic Games. Now they are used in strength and aerobic exercise. Weights range from 2kg to 20kg to suit different abilities and prices start from £14.99.

Indian Clubbells Buyers Guide

Man’s oldest strength training tool, the club, is just as effective as part of a modern day fitness routine as it was back in the days of the caveman. Indian clubbells have been the secret weapon of strongmen for centuries and now you can add them to your own workout with Gorilla Sports’ range of Indian club bells. 

Gorilla Sports Indian Clubbells are made from a single piece of 100% cast iron to provide a combination of strength and durability. Each Indian clubbell has a flat base for stability. A black finish is applied to each Indian clubbell to prevent chipping and to provide a smooth, non-slip surface. 

The handle is designed to be easy to grip and safe to use, a knob at the top of each handles prevents slipping. Gorilla Sports Indian club bells come in a versatile range of weights from 2Kg to 20Kg so they are suitable for all abilities. 

Indian clubbells are a particularly effective piece of equipment to add to your workout as you can adjust the intensity of any exercise by changing the position of your grip or by increasing the weight of your clubbell. 

Professional athletes have long been aware of the benefits of training with Indian clubbells and they are used by Crossfit fans, body builders, footballers, martial artists, tennis and basketball players to help build and improve upper body strength and mobility. 

Primarily used to work out the shoulder, forearm, wrist and hand there are hundreds of exercises you can perform with clubbells that will deliver a full body workout. Swings and lifts are at the core of any clubbell workout and you can tailor the intensity of your training by choosing from a range of different weights. 

How to do Indian Clubbell Armpit Casts

This basic clubbell exercise helps to improve the stability in your shoulders. 

  • Stand up straight with your hip-width apart.
  • Hold the Indian Clubbell in your right hand. 
  • Bend your elbow upwards towards the ceiling so the clubbell is hanging down behind your back. 
  • Exhale and cast the clubbell over your shoulder as if you were casting a fishing pole. 
  • Straighten your right arm to bring the clubbell in front of your body. Keep your wrist straight so the finishing position places the clubbell perpendicular to the floor with your hand at the bottom of the bell by the knob. Repeat the exercise with your left arm. 
  • Do 10-15 reps for each arm.