Cast Iron Kettlebells

The Cast Iron kettlebells are made from 100% cast iron and are made from one single piece of cast iron, which means no joints, therefore a beautifully professional quality and finish. They have a flattened base for extra stability and a modern silver coloured exterior with the weight imprinted on the surface. Prices start from just £9.99. These are a great tool for bodybuilding, weight lifting and is a key piece for any home gym.

Cast Iron Kettlebells Buyers Guide

The original, and arguably the best, type of kettle bell, Gorilla Sports Cast Iron Kettlebells are made from a single piece of 100% cast iron. The design ensures there are no joints, which makes our cast iron kettlebells durable, robust and built to last. 

The curved handle is comfortable and secure to hold, with enough space to get a good grip on the kettlebell. The tough, silver finish ensures they are both smooth and non-slip, which is ideal for any kettlebell exercise. Each Gorilla Sports Cast Iron Kettlebell has a flattened base for stability and each kettlebell has the weight imprinted onto the ball. 

Available in weights from 4kg – 32kg our professional quality cast iron kettlebells are suitable for all abilities. Cast iron kettle bells are a great addition to any home gym as working out with kettlebells is an easy and effective way to reach your training goals. 

Kettlebell training is proven to help you increase muscle growth, burn fat, tone up and improve your cardio endurance. This is because kettlebell exercises recruit multiple muscle groups allowing you to do a full body workout with just one piece of equipment. 

How to do a Kettlebell Figure of 8 

This impressive looking exercise works out your arms, back and abs. 

  • Stand with your legs slightly wider than hip-width apart. 
  • Lower yourself into a quarter-squat position – this is not as deep as a full squat as you should stop lowering your body before your thighs are parallel with the floor. Ensure your back is straight and keep your chest up. 
  • Grab a moderately heavy cast iron kettlebell with your left hand and swing it around the outside of the left leg and then back between your legs. 
  • Next pass the kettlebell to the right hand and swing it around the outside of the right leg. 
  • Keep this motion going for as long as you can up to a minute, remembering to switch directions halfway through.