Whether it’s Rubber KettlebellsVinyl Kettlebells or Competition Kettlebells you’re after, the Gorilla Sports Kettlebell range will provide high quality equipment at low prices. Once a Russian farming tool, used to counterweight grains and produce, the Kettlebell has now been introduced into the health and fitness industry and is becoming one of the most popular pieces of equipment, due to its strength and conditioning results and a total body workout.

Our range is so extensive, you’ll need a Kettlebell Rack just to house them all. All of our kettlebells come at guaranteed low prices, and we refuse to be beaten on price by anywhere else on the web. That’s the Gorilla Sports’ Price Guarantee! We also offer Free Delivery over £50 and a 2 Year Warranty!

What Are Kettlebells?

Kettlebells originated in Russia, where they were used by Olympic athletes during their training. Thanks to their versatility and effectiveness kettle bells have now become a hugely popular mainstream piece of fitness equipment.

Available in a range of weights and finishes kettlebells are a great addition to any training routine. One of the key benefits of introducing kettlebells to your routine is that all kettlebell exercises recruit your core muscles, engaging your abdominals, hips, glutes and back. 

A strong core makes you less prone to injury as well as improving balance and stability, which are vital to maximizing your training no matter what your goals are. 

The root of the popularity of kettlebells is undoubtedly their versatility. Working out with kettle bells combines both cardio and resistance training, which is ideal whether you are looking to burn fat, bulk out, build cardio endurance or just tone up.

Because of the variety of exercises you can do with kettlebells they are also a great piece of kit to use to keep your workouts fresh. If you are looking for a simple, inexpensive and effective piece of equipment then kettlebells are the perfect choice.

Gorilla Sports offers four different types of kettlebell. Choosing which is right for you will depend on your budget and requirements: 

Cast Iron Kettlebells

These are the original type of kettlebell made from a ball of cast iron with a curved handle, all made from a single piece of cast iron so there are no joints. Cast iron kettlebells come in weights ranging from 4-32Kg. The main benefits of these kettlebells are that they are robust, highly durable and their non-slip finish makes them comfortable to lift, even at higher weights. 

Pro Vinyl Kettlebells

These kettlebells are also made using a single piece of cast iron, but with an attractive red vinyl coating over the cast iron. This can help to protect surfaces when the kettlebell is placed on the floor. Gorilla Sports Pro Vinyl Kettlebells also come in weights ranging from 4-32Kg. 

Contrast Vinyl Kettlebells

Starting at just 2Kg these are ideal for beginners or those looking for lighter weights. Finished in durable and robust silver-coloured vinyl with colour-coded weights printed on them these are good looking, value-for-money kettle bells.

Vinyl Kettlebells

This no-nonsense range of kettlebells ranges from 2-20Kg. Finished in black vinyl with a white Gorilla Sports logo these are the perfect, inexpensive introduction to kettlebells. 

How to do a Kettle bell Swing

This works your whole body, especially your gules, hamstrings, quads, lower back, arms and core muscles. 

  • Choose a moderately heavy kettlebell. 
  • Stand with your feet shoulder-width apart, holding the kettlebell handle in both hands. 
  • Bend your hips back and swing the kettlebell backwards between your legs. 
  • Pause with the kettlebell hanging downwards between your legs and then use your hips, glutes and abs to explosively swing it back up to around shoulder level. You arms should remain straight throughout the move. 
  • Allow it gravity to swing the kettlebell back down and repeat. Do one set of 12-15 reps. 

You can also introduce kettle bells to boost the intensity and add a new twist to a of a whole range of familiar exercises including squats, lunges, rows, chest press, curls, fly and sit ups.