Whether it’s Rubber KettlebellsVinyl Kettlebells or Competition Kettlebells you’re after, the Gorilla Sports Kettlebell range will provide high quality equipment at low prices. Once a Russian farming tool, used to counterweight grains and produce, the Kettlebell has now been introduced into the health and fitness industry and is becoming one of the most popular pieces of equipment, due to its strength and conditioning results and a total body workout.

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The main advantages of kettlebells (of course with the right exercises) are that you can train a larger variety of muscle groups with them. Why is that? It’s because the user moves relatively freely with a kettlebell for example by rotating their upper or lower arms inwards and outwards.

Have you ever swung a kettlebell? If not, then you should definitely try it! They can be used like dumbbells or kettlebells can be swung by their characteristically sturdy handles. Simply grab the handle and off you go with an effective whole-body workout. You can use them for aerobics or for targeted strength training – that’s completely up to you. Find out what type of kettlebells you like and choose those which will suit your training needs – you will discover we have large range available so you are sure to see what you’re looking for!

Basic information about kettlebells

Kettlebells are used by people of all different fitness levels. They are particularly popular in cross fit and other functional types of training. They are very popular with athletes to train not only strength and endurance but also speed, flexibility and coordination.

Furthermore, kettlebells are not only useful for lifting, they are also good for many other kinds of training.

Three training sequences using a kettlebell – individual exercises for more strength

Kettlebells can be used for three different types of exercise. They can either be lifted, swung (which stimulates the metabolism) or thrown into the air and caught. The last exercise should only be done if an athlete has already built up sufficient strength and is familiar with working with kettlebells. After a while you become more proficient at handling a kettlebell and begin to feel more confident with it. With practice, your gripping strength and coordination will also be trained.

Different weight classes of kettlebell

Kettlebells, like dumbbells are available in different weights. It makes sense to start with a light to medium weight (depending on your physical condition) and then work your way up if necessary. The focus should always be on a clean technique when carrying out the individual exercises. You should never be straining to lift up the weight of a kettlebell.

If you are not yet familiar with this kind of training equipment, you would be well advised to start with kettlebells made of plastic. These are not only available in different weight classes but are also cheaper than cast iron or steel types.


Important: keep a straight posture

Whichever exercises you perform with kettlebells, it is very important to make sure you have the correct posture. You should train in front of a mirror to check this!

Always check that you are standing up straight (most exercises using kettlebells are done standing up) and that your arms and shoulders are relaxed and hanging down. Your knees should also be slightly bent and feet at shoulder width apart. Avoid having a hunched back at all times whilst carrying out the different exercises.

Versatile training with a kettlebell – this is how!

Kettlebells are very popular because they are so versatile and can be used in many different ways such as to:

  • optimise your overall endurance
  • train your leg muscles
  • strengthen your upper body
  • improve your posture
  • train your speed
  • support your whole-body workouts

Kettlebells can be adapted to suit your individual training routines at many different levels. This piece of training equipment has now been popular in both fitness studios and home gyms for a long time.

Kettlebells for varied workouts – choose your kettlebells online now!

From kettlebells made of cast-iron to kettlebell racks: professional equipment for this sport is waiting for you here in the Gorilla Sports online shop. You will find many different colours and materials so there are certain to be kettlebells to suit your own training goals and needs. Be it cast iron, plastic, neoprene or vinyl, in stylish grey, classic black or bright colours. Our tip: if you already have experience in working with weights and now want to try kettlebells, we recommend starting with a slightly lower weight – this way you can get used to doing the kettlebell exercises better.

Kettlebell exercises with different weights and a practical handle for more strength.

The handle makes the difference: a kettlebell will sit perfectly in your hands because of its practical grip. This lets you concentrate fully on your exercises – especially if you are swinging it. Try it out! You will find that the kettlebell will become an integral part of your training. They are available in many different sizes in our online shop starting from 2 kgs up to 40 kgs and also in kettlebell sets. Depending on the type of model, some also offer practical features such as floor protective covers or plastic coating, flat bottoms to stand safely, ergonomic or chunky designs and labelling. By the way: we deliver free of charge to customers in Germany. We also offer convenient and secure payment options, including purchase on account.


Kettlebell swing with kettlebells from Gorilla Sports

The kettlebell swing is one of the most popular exercises using kettlebells. With this exercise you train strength and endurance and it will certainly build up a whole body sweat. The kettlebell swing is a variation of a squat. To perform the kettlebell swing, stand with your legs approximately shoulder-width apart with your toes pointing slightly outwards. Grasp the kettlebell firmly with both hands. Then push your hips back and swing the kettlebell up into the air. The weight of the kettlebell should be appropriate to your training level. After a few training sessions you can move on to a heavier kettlebell.

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