Weight Racks

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If you are focussed on strength training, it may be that you already have a wide variety of weight plates and dumbbell bars. One question that often arises is: what is the best way to store these accessories neatly and safely away? Of course, you can keep your weights on the floor but the disadvantage is that this gives a relatively low level of training comfort. Signs of wear and tear and unsightly marks will unfortunately quickly appear. It’s much better to store weights in a modern and robust weight rack. These are available in different styles and can often be adapted to fit to your own individual needs. In short: virtually a must for all weight training fans!

Many different types of weight racks

First of all: there is no such thing as a classic or standard dumbbell rack! There are many different types of rack to choose from. For instance, there are different designs of racks for:

  • dumbbells
  • weight plates
  • barbells

You will also have to decide if you want a rack in which you can store just one dumbbell or one that can take many different elements at the same time.

The final decision about which you want to buy will also depend on how flexible you want to be when training. For example, if you know from the start that you want to increase the number of weights you have in the future (e.g. to target other muscle groups), it may make sense to choose a larger rack than you need now. It is also important to compare the different types of design. To save space, many racks have two storage levels. This solution can be perfect for smaller home gym areas!

The advantages of weight racks

The reason for buying a weight rack for your home gym is often to get it more organised but if you look at the various weight racks you will see that they offer other advantages too.


Many athletes want to increase their own user comfort. Individual weights stored in a rack are not only easier to pick up, but also often more quickly recognisable.  

There are also many racks which have a comparatively small foot print and so help to save space. A particularly smart way to store dumbbells safely, for example, is in a triangular rack. Here, the different weights are stored in a “pyramid” shape. This way, it is always clear to you and your training partners where the heaviest weights are stored – namely at the very bottom

Slot in barbell rack

While with most barbell racks you put the bars in parallel to the floor, there are other special models where the bars are simply slotted in.

This is another popular solution for saving space and it will also create a pleasing visual highlight in your home gym. It looks particularly good if there are several bars stored in it.

What to look out for when buying a weight rack

Weight racks are frequently bought by people after they have bought their weights and bars. With a large number of weights, you will come to realise that you need to find a way to get your home gym more organised.

But what do you need to look for when buying a weight rack?

Basically, before making the final decision, it is important to address the following questions:

  • Which weight rack is compatible with my barbells and dumbbells?
  • What is the total weight I can load my weight rack with?
  • Is the design important? (Weight racks are usually offered in classic colours such as black or white).
  • How big can my new weight rack be without taking up too much training space?

It almost always makes sense to think a little ahead when buying a rack. This means that if you want to increase the number of weight plates and bars you have at some time in the future, you should always opt for a larger model from the start.

Useful accessories for weight racks

Weight racks are usually easy to assemble and offer a high degree of stability. They often need to carry and withstand high loads and it therefore makes sense to place a thin fitness mat under the rack to prevent the weight of the rack making dents or marks on the floor (eg. Parquet flooring). This will also provide a non-slip area around the rack as well as protection for the floor.