Dip Stations and Pull up Stations

You don’t have a horizontal bar at home? A space-saving and practical alternative for use at home is the adjustable steel bar for door frames. We also have a range of pull-up bars for mounting on the wall or ceiling, and multi-functional stations for pull-ups in our online shop.

Dip station: comprehensive workout, dips and targeted fitness exercises for more strength

Dips are one of the basic fundamentals of strength training. Bodybuilders use them to train their chests and triceps extremely effectively. They are so effective because at a dip station, you have to lift your own body weight. Sounds simple, but certainly only possible if you have enough strength and coordination. That’s why you should already have reached a certain level before you try doing dips on a dip station. Here you can find fitness devices and multifunctional equipment with integrated pull-up stations. Click here!

Pull-up station: the strength station for you at home

Can you remember doing your first pull-up? First the effort followed by a great feeling of having done it? Pull-ups are a classic strength training exercise and a very effective way of working on your arms, abs and back. Whether you do a few pull-ups every day or incorporate this exercise into your weekly workout – the important thing is to keep at it as only then will you start to see progress in your strength and muscle development.
We have put together the right equipment for you here in the Gorilla Sports Online Shop. Everything from horizontal bars for doorways, pull-up bars for the wall or ceiling, multi-function pull-up bars and pull-up stations for doing dips, chin-ups and leg lifts.

Buy a pull-up station: door bars, multi-functional equipment and more at Gorilla Sports

You don’t have a lot of space, but want to train your arms and legs as well as your chest, back and abdomen? No problem! A pull-up station can help you. With this training equipment, your own weight provides the necessary load. You can improve your back muscles and biceps by doing dips and chin-ups as well as pull-ups on it. These exercises are made possible with the handles and supports on the pull-up station. It makes it a very practical training partner for your workouts at home. Take a look around the shop right now! In addition to quality and a large selection of professional equipment, you can also look forward to fast delivery!

Buy a dip station: effective training with bars at your height

Whether in the Fitness studio or at home in your weights room: dips on a dip station will support you in your targeted muscle and body building. You don’t need dumbbells or weights, you just need a bar to pull yourself up on. If you don’t have the space at home – no problem – you will find a solution with one of the dip stations available in our shop. There is the classic bar which is sturdy and robust with two parallel padded grips. Or space-saving alternatives such as dip bars or dip stations which can be attached securely and safely to the wall at your optimum height. For those looking for more options we also have multi-functional equipment available which can be used not only for dips, but also for pull-ups, push-ups and knee-lifting exercises. for secure and strong attachment to the wall.

Gorilla Sports dip station: discover high-quality equipment in our online shop

Perfect for home training with the Gorilla Sports dip station. With this easy to assemble training equipment you will have carefully crafted and top-quality professional training equipment in your own home. This means you can carry out your fitness and strength training regularly and at any time. Important: make sure you have the correct posture when training your chest or triceps. You should also perform the exercises in a controlled and correct manner in order to protect other parts of the body (e.g. vertebrae, shoulders, elbows). We will be happy to advise on your purchase and give you tips – just contact us.