Curl Benches

With the appropriate equipment, you can rest your arms comfortably on the arm rest pads and focus your attention completely on the weights. This will give a greater training effect – depending on intensity – with a high level of comfort.

If you take a look at the variety of curl benches available you will see there a several different types. But what do you need to look for when buying a curl bench and what is the difference between the various models?

Adjustable curl benches

In order to train correctly and effectively on a curl bench, it is of course important to be able to adjust the equipment optimally to suit your body height or the length of your arms. Here you can always adjust these basic settings to suit your own personal requirements.  

Particularly practical in this context are models that have a separately adjustable backrest. You can also use this for other exercises, for example with it in a completely lowered position for dips.

The basic rule for performing your biceps curls is that you keep your feet flat on the floor with your armpits resting comfortably on the pad. During the exercise is also important to keep the back of your upper arms fixed on the pad as much as possible and to only use the strength of your upper arms or biceps to lift the dumbbells.

What exercises can I do on a curl bench?

As the name suggests, you can do biceps exercises on a curl bench. You can choose if you want to use dumbbells or barbells.

If you prefer training with heavier weights then it may make sense to use classic barbells. These by design not only have a higher dead weight but also – depending on the model – can be placed into the curl bench rack when you have completed your last repetition.

Always pay attention to the permissible maximum weights!

Helpful accessories for curl benches

To train with a curl bench of course you will need to have the right dumbbells.

It can however, also be worthwhile adding a few extra items to your equipment such as:

  • Fitness gloves
  • Additional weights
  • A dumbbell or weight rack

We also recommend protecting the floor below and around your curl bench by covering this area with suitable fitness mats.

Curl benches and EZ bars – a successful combination

If you want to challenge your biceps using a curl bench and also at the same time protect your joints, you should consider using EZ bars. These specially shaped bars support your natural hand position and therefore cause less strain on your wrists.

With an EZ bar you can prevent overloading this sensitive area and even train with more weight if required!

Some curl benches are available with weights and dumbbell bar included in the price. For anyone starting off building up their weight training equipment, there are some very good deals to be had.

You can of course buy accessories for your existing curl bench. It is important here to make sure that the new weight plates are compatible with your barbell or dumbbell and that there the weights are secured with clamps so they cannot slip off the bar.

The perfect place for a curl bench in your home gym

There is no question about it: a curl bench is one of the highlights in a weight training area. It is therefore all the more important to find a special place for this equipment.

When setting up a curl bench, make sure that you can move around as freely as possible. This is also important for when removing and inserting the dumbbell or barbell bars.

To control your posture even better, it is a good idea to have your curl bench near a large mirror. This way you can quickly check and correct wrong movements if necessary.

Curl benches with multi-function features

There are curl benches which can be used for doing other exercises on too. This is possible for example if you choose a bench with an integrated leg extension.

This is a very popular alternative especially in smaller home gyms as they can be used for doing various different exercises in a comparatively small space. This will help you to vary your workout even more without feeling that you need more space.

Curl bench: barbell and dumbbell curls for targeted muscle building

Scott Bench or curl bench? It’s not the name that’s important – it’s what you do with it! If you work hard on the curl bench, you will be rewarded with great biceps. You can also train your triceps by leaning your back against the arm pads of the curl bench.

Curl benches and curl supports: fitness and strength for biceps and triceps

Determination combined with rigorous training and the right nutrition: these three things are vital for your training success. What are your next goals? If great biceps are at the top of your list, then we have the right product for you: the curl bench. Using a curl bar, you lift weights to work on your upper arms. This is only really for building up the bicep muscles – as here you are supported by the seat and the arm pads so that no other muscles are required. To train even more specifically, curl benches have various settings so that you can make precise adjustments to suit you. Tip: we recommend using an EZ bar here as opposed to a barbell as it provides a better hand position.

Biceps curl bench: for effective bodybuilding in fitness studios and home gyms

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