Back Trainers

You will find a wide range of ab trainers and back trainers which can help bring you closer to reaching your training goals: ab trainers, back trainers, rollers and combination strength machines to train and get your arms, legs, shoulders and buttocks into shape. Take a look and find out which ab and back exercises you can do with each device. Let’s go!

Abdominal and back training: roller, bench and more for effective training

Six pack? Healthy back? More fitness? Supplement your outdoor sports? With effective abdominal and back training, you will be able to get closer to reaching your training goals. With so many different types of equipment to choose from, you should be able to find one that suits you and best meets your training needs. If you don’t have much space but want to get your abdominal muscles into shape – then compact roller ab trainers will be the ideal thing for you. If you want to do intensive abdominal muscle training – then we recommend getting a sit-up bench with incline which will give you a much more intensive workout. Are you looking for a trainer which is very easy on your back? Ab rollers can get you on your way towards getting a washboard stomach whilst at the same time they also taking the strain off your back muscles. Or maybe you are looking for a fitness machine that combines several different functions. With an adjustable multi-bench, you can not only train your abdomen and back, but also use it as an incline bench for exercises with dumbbells or combined with a barbell stand for barbell training.  

Buy ab and back trainers – large selection for weight rooms and fitness studios

Strength training for abdomen and back not only gives you a great body, but it is also good for your health and posture – especially if you sit at a desk every day. Professional equipment which, depending on the model, is suitable for beginners and advanced strength athletes, and is waiting for you in the Gorilla Sports shop! Click onto it right now! If you have any questions, just contact us and we will be happy to give you individual advice based on our long-term experience in the field. Our service also includes a two-year manufacturer’s warranty, free delivery within Germany, fast delivery and free returns.