Excalibur punching bag Thunder Pro 120
Manufacturer: MAXXUS

Excalibur punching bag Thunder Pro 120

Product code: MX-600261-00019-0001

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Excalibur punching bag Thunder Pro 120

The highlights of the EXCALIBUR punching bag Thunder Pro 120 at a glance

  • Durable synthetic leather upper
  • Crafted by hand
  • Double Seams
  • Professionally filled with textile material
  • Zipper for refilling
  • Stable suspension with double stitching and rivets
  • Chain suspension with swivel
  • Design print using the screen printing process


EXCALIBUR punching bag THUNDER PRO 120, filled, 120x35cm Punching
bag in professional quality. Punching bag made of extremely hard-wearing and stable imitation leather with a carbon look and measuring 120x35cm. Ideal for demanding and effective boxing training. The punching bag THUNDER PRO 120 meets every training requirement. Regardless of whether you are looking for a punching bag for fitness boxing, professional boxing training, to reduce stress or aggression, or simply as a balance and alternative to your conventional training. This punching bag withstands every training and stress situation. The extremely durable upper made of high-quality synthetic leather with a carbon look, the resilient fourfold suspension and the chrome-plated chain suspension with swivel make the EXCALIBUR THUNDER PRO 120 your ideal training partner. The design of the THUNDER PRO 120 is a real eye-catcher and a highlight in every living area. With a length of approx. 120 cm and a diameter of approx. 35 cm, this punching bag weighs approx. 34 kg including the filling.


Punching bag
The upper material of the punching bag consists of high-quality and extremely hard-wearing synthetic leather with a carbon look. It is sweat-resistant and easy to clean. The punching bag has a textile filling that is filled under high pressure and thus enables optimal shock absorption and gives the punching bag an optimal shape over the long term.


Punching bag suspension
The four suspensions directly attached to the punching bag with massive rivets and a double seam guarantee an optimal hold and an even suspension of the punching bag.


4-way punching bag chain
The chrome-plated four-way chain consists of solid chain links.


The swivel prevents twisting of the suspension and reduces the stress on the wall or ceiling mount.


Punching bag dimensions Punching bag
height: approx. 120 cm Punching
bag diameter: approx. 35 cm
Total height: approx. 166 cm (incl. chain suspension)


Total weight of punching bag
including filling: approx. 34kg


With ceiling suspension:
For optimal and safe training, there should be an area of 150 cm in all directions as a training area.
With wall mounting:
For optimal and safe training, there should be an area of 150 cm to the left, right and front as a training area.

Area of application
Ideal for fitness boxing at home

Excalibur punching bag Thunder Pro 120

Product code: MX-600261-00019-0001

EAN: 4260244714897

Manufacturer: MAXXUS

weight: 34.00 kg

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