Ergonomic Kettlebell 24KG
Ergonomic Kettlebell 24KG
Ergonomic Kettlebell 24KG
Ergonomic Kettlebell 24KG
Ergonomic Kettlebell 24KG
Manufacturer: Gorilla Sports

Ergonomic Kettlebell 24KG

Product code: 100598-00035-0028

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Ergonomic Kettlebell 24KG

Our Ergonomic Kettlebells combine functionality, stability and great looks in one. They are perfect for use on any surface, with a rubberised vinyl coating to protect your floor, and a flattened base for extra sturdiness.

Ergonomic kettlebells can be used in all the same ways as regular kettlebells, but the special wedge-shaped design provides extra protection for your hands and forearms during training, especially for fast grasping and swinging moves. Not forgetting that they look great, and they come in a fantastic range of eye-catching colours.


  • 100% cast iron core
  • Single solid piece of iron - no joins
  • Tough vinyl coating in a range of great colours
  • Professional ergonomic design
  • Weight imprinted on surface
  • Flattened base for extra stability



Kettlebells can be lifted like dumbbells for strength workouts, using moves like the Snatch, Clean and Jerk. They can also be swung, either alone or in pairs, for an intense cardio workout.

Available in the following versions:




Weight  Body Height/ Total Height Stand Width/ Width (thickest part) Handle Dimensions (Length x Height) Grip Width (widest point) Handle diameter Colour
4KG 9,5cm/ 18,5cm 9,0cm/ 11,0cm,
Depth: 6,5cm
 11,5cm x 6,0cm  16,5cm 3,0cm Pink
8KG 13,0cm/ 24,0cm 13,0cm/ 14,0cm, Depth: 8,5cm  12,5cm x 7,0cm  19,0cm  4,0cm Yellow
12KG 14,5cm/ 25,5cm 14,5cm/ 16,0cm
Depth: 11,0cm
 12,5cm x 7,0cm 19,5cm  4,0cm Red
16KG 15,0cm/ 26,5cm 16,5cm/ 18,5cm, Depth: 12,5cm 14,0cm x 7,0cm  21,5cm 4,5cm Orange
20KG 16,0cm/ 27,5cm 16,5cm/ 18,0cm, Depth: 15,0cm 14,5cm x 7,5cm  21,5cm  4,0cm Purple
24KG 17,5cm/ 29,0cm 19,5cm/ 20,5cm, Depth: 14,0cm 14,5cm x 7,5cm 17,5cm  4,0cm Green
28KG 19,5cm/ 30,5cm 18,0cm/ 20,5cm, Depth: 16,5cm 16,5cm x 6,0cm  24,5cm 5,0cm Blue
32KG 19,5cm/ 30,5cm 20,5cm/ 21,5cm, Depth: 16,0cm 17,0cm x 6,5cm 24,5cm 4,5cm Black



Ergonomic Kettlebell 24KG

Product code: 100598-00035-0028

EAN: 4260200846679

Manufacturer: Gorilla Sports

weight: 24.00 kg

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