Compact Rowing Machine
Compact Rowing Machine
Compact Rowing Machine
Compact Rowing Machine
Compact Rowing Machine
Compact Rowing Machine
Compact Rowing Machine
Compact Rowing Machine
Compact Rowing Machine
Compact Rowing Machine
Manufacturer: Gorilla Sports

Compact Rowing Machine

Product code: 100617-00029-0001

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Compact Rowing Machine

Gorilla Sports Rowing Machine

Rowing machines are one of the most versatile and effective pieces of gym equipment. The ideal choice whether you are looking to build and tone muscle, improve your cardiovascular fitness or increase your stamina, the Gorilla Sports Rowing Machine is the perfect tool to help you reach your goals. 

Top benefits:

  • Perfect for anyone who is looking for a low impact, but highly effective exercise tool, rowing machines put no stress on your joints, protecting your back from undue stress, while delivering a total body workout. 
  • Rowing machines can be used to workout every major muscle group in your body, as with each stroke your legs, arms, shoulders, back, torso and core are engaged. 
  • An ideal tool for weight loss as during a tough, half our session on the rowing machine you can burn up to 400 calories. 
  • Improves cardiovascular fitness, strength, endurance, coordination and agility.

Best for:

All rounders, experts, beginners, injury rehab, cross training, interval training.

Works what muscle groups:

Ideal for total body workouts.

Workout type: 

  • Use a rowing machine for high intensity interval training (HIIT) by alternating fast sprints with short rests for a quick and effective workout. For more on HIIT training see Train off the fat
  • Improve endurance with pyramid workouts,gradually increasing and then decreasing the rowing and rest times. 
  • Boost power with a hardcore anaerobic workout by performing three reps of five sets of one-minute sprints followed by one-minute rests. 
  • For more advice on how to use the rowing machine and workout ideas see Training & Advice. 


  • Non-slip surface on pedals
  • Security straps on pedals
  • 8 adjustable difficulty settings from 8-13KG
  • Display including total number of strokes, approx. calorie burn, time, with automatic display change. 
  • Top quality cable
  • Stable and durable construction
  • Ergonomically designed seat
  • Low noise in operation
  • Mechanical brake system
  • Quick and easy assembly
  • Suitable for heights: 130-188cm (4ft 3in - 6ft 2in)
  • Maximum weight capacity: 120KG (18stn 12lb) 
  • Dimensions (cm): 155x37x40
  • Dimensions packaging (cm): 107x24x46

Compact Rowing Machine

Product code: 100617-00029-0001

EAN: 4260200847232

Manufacturer: Gorilla Sports

weight: 20.00 kg

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