Get a beach body – Part 2

Gorilla Sports model and expert PT Tim Chase explains why you should start training NOW to get the beach body you want in time for summer. Read the second of his three part series on how to train in the winter to get the body you want in time for summer. If you missed the first part of his program, check it out here

Tim press up kettlebells B&WTrain smart for a beach body (Part 2)

With January already gone, the time to get your beach body is running out, if you want your new physique to be ready to show off this summer. The main aim for the majority of people over the next few months will be to reduce their overall body fat, whilst increasing or maintaining their lean muscle mass.

Part 1 focused on the weight training aspect of your program and how you can train with weights to achieve a beach or bikini body.  Part 2 focuses on how to perform cardiovascular exercise for maximum results; giving you a sculpted, toned physique rather than a big and bulky or skinny and wiry look.

Structuring your cardio training program

Regular cardio is not only needed to maintain a healthy body, but will help you further boost your metabolism, fitness and daily calorie expenditure. Don’t make the mistake many people do which is to go mad on the cardio, as this will reduce both your lean muscle mass and body fat, leading to an undesirable look.

Follow my tips on how to perform cardio for the best beach body results:

Perform cardio separately from weights. Put your cardio training after your weight sessions or ideally in a completely separate session.

Mix up the type of cardio performed. Vary the cardio you perform, as this will help to keep your metabolism high and help to keep you motivated. Try cycling, running, swimming or rowing.

Vary the intensity of your cardio sessions. Perform both High Intensity Interval training (known as HIIT) and Low Intensity Steady State training (known as LISS).

  • Make sure you include HIIT (High Intensity Interval Training). This is my preferred method of training to maintain my muscle mass, get fit and shed body fat. Simply perform cardio for a short period of time at full intensity, followed by a short period of recovery at a low intensity. For example a one minute sprint, followed by a one minute walk, and repeat.  I recommend this form of cardio for no longer than 20 minutes. This will really boost your metabolism, whilst preserving that hard earned muscle.
  • HIIT should be performed a maximum of 3-4 times a week.  Due to the high intensity nature of this form of cardio you need time for your body to rest and recover.
  • You could also include LISS training (Low Intensity Steady State). This canbe performed for a longer period of time than HIIT, but I would limit it to 45 minutes. This lower intensity exercise will focus on using your fat reserves for energy, aiding your fat loss process. This form of cardio can be performed up to six times a week.
  • You could include fasted LISS training. This would ideally be done before breakfast and must be at a low intensity. Be careful to keep a check on your weight and body fat, as this form of cardio can eat into your lean muscle.

My Training

When I’m aiming to shift body fat, but retain my lean muscle, I will incorporate 3x 20 minute HIIT sessions a week. I sometimes increase this to 4-5 sessions per week as I get nearer to the time I need to look shredded for, but this will mean I have to sacrifice some hard earned muscle. I personally do not include any low intensity steady state cardio.

You now know how to incorporate both weights and cardio into your beach body program, so lets start seeing the results. GOOD LUCK!

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