Agility Ladder Double
Agility Ladder Double
Agility Ladder Double
Agility Ladder Double
Agility Ladder Double
Agility Ladder Double
Agility Ladder Double
Agility Ladder Double
Manufacturer: Gorilla Sports

Agility Ladder Double

Product code: 100782-00015-0137

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Agility Ladder Double

Coordination ladder - how to train your speed

Nowadays, endurance and speed play an important role in connection with a wide variety of sports. You should not only deal with this exciting area with the goal of weight reduction. Rather, improving your stamina with regard to many training goals offers you special advantages.

A classic coordination ladder may look comparatively simple at first glance, but it could increase your fitness level even further. Of course, it is important to do the right exercises and to do them regularly.

However, when working out with the coordination ladder, it is by far not only the "speed" factor that counts. Rather, it is important to create an optimal combination of "fast" and "precise". Why this is a particular challenge will be explained in the following sections.

How to train with the coordination ladder

The classic exercise sequence that has to be carried out in connection with the coordination ladder is quickly explained. Your task is to make your way from the start to the finish on the basis of certain step sequences. Sounds simple? It may be. However, it proves to be a special challenge to be fast at the same time and, of course, to make sure that you don't touch the coordination ladder. It is up to you, of course, whether you move primarily in a tripping motion or with particularly large steps. You can also decide whether you want to train for several minutes or only use the coordination ladder as an intermediate exercise.

What should you keep in mind when training with the coordination ladder?

As simple as the movement sequences may seem when training with the coordination ladder: of course it is important that you pay attention to certain basic rules. These not only ensure that your workout is as effective as possible, but also prevent injuries. The following applies here..:

  •     Listen -as always- to your body! It is not healthy to overexert yourself with endurance exercises to the extent that you can only perform the last sets while panting. At the same time, of         course, you should not under-exert yourself.
  •     Make sure you wear sturdy shoes! Because of the often jagged movements, there is otherwise a great danger that you will slip away.
  •     Warm up your ankles before training with the coordination ladder. This will help prevent sprains, among other things.

Last but not least, the size of your home gym plays a special role. You should have enough space for training with the coordination ladder. The advantage: if your home gym is too small, you can also use the ladder outdoors. It is best to lay out the training equipment on a stone floor. A workout on the grass is less advisable in that the uneven surface can become a tripping hazard in the truest sense of the word.

The start - this is how you get to know the coordination ladder

If you have never trained with a coordination ladder in the past, you should take enough time to get to know this special training equipment. The best way to start is by practicing simple steps at a low to moderate speed.

Over time, you can of course change the sequence and make it a little more challenging. If one direction is too boring for you, you can of course become flexible and simply work backwards. This makes it possible to target other muscle groups.

What are the advantages of training with a coordination ladder?

Training with a coordination ladder is a lot of fun and a welcome change from classic endurance sports. Because: while jogging, cross-training and other relevant exercises only challenge your physical condition, this training also addresses the area of dexterity and coordination.

Thus, on the basis of regular workouts can, among other things...:

  •     Your condition
  •     Your coordination
  •     Your dexterity
  •     Your speed
  •     Your bounce
  •     Your flexibility

will be increased. "By the way", you can of course also use the coordination ladder for some exercises in the strength and holding area. How about a plank, for example, where you move forward (or backward) exactly above the ladder? If you get a little creative here, you'll quickly find lots of ideas for making your workout even more varied.

How can you recognize a high-quality coordination ladder?

Coordination ladders are offered in numerous designs these days. Especially as a beginner, it is helpful to choose a model with at least one eye-catching color. This way you can see the corresponding areas from the corner of your eye and don't always have to look down.

Furthermore, the coordination ladder should of course be made of sturdy material and ideally have a light weight. And: Models with integrated loops can usually be folded super-easily and stowed away accordingly. This is especially a practical "extra" if you want to take your coordination ladder with you to outdoor training.

  •     Dimensions (L x W) for variant 1: 4.7 m x 0.42 m , variant 2: 3.85 m x 0.82 m
  •     Loops facilitate easy folding
  •     The color of the ladder is black and yellow
  •     Own weight variant 1 : approx. 0.8 kg , variant 2: approx. 1.5 kg
  •     12 adjustable steps - length 42 cm, width 3 cm
  •     Material: Tear-resistant nylon, sturdy plastic
  •     Foldable system for quick storage
  •     Easy to transport


Agility Ladder Double

Product code: 100782-00015-0137

EAN: 4260438731730

Manufacturer: Gorilla Sports

weight: 0.50 kg

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