In the fitness studio or at home: as soon as the music goes on and you start your aerobic steps you feel good to be boosting your stamina, strengthening your health and improving your all-round fitness. Are you already a fan of fat burner aerobics or would you like to try it out? Equipment and training accessories for aerobics are here waiting for you at the Gorilla Sports Online Shop. Find out more now!

Aerobic music: for more workout fun!

Videos and music are essential components for effective aerobics – either at home or at the fitness studio. The beat gives the drive, sets the pace and helps with coordination and performance of the exercises. It is important that the rhythm is in keeping with the movements and that it includes faster as well as slower sections. Ideally, an aerobic workout takes around 30 to 60 minutes and is made up of different intensity phases. It starts with a quieter warm-up phase, followed by the intense main workout to boost fitness and muscle strength, and then ends with a relaxing stretching phase that requires more relaxing music.

Aerobics at home: workouts for fitness and health

Along with your favourite music, you can supplement your aerobic workout with suitable training accessories. We have fitness dumbbells, bands, expanders, aerobic steppers and various balls and many other items on offer. With these you are perfectly equipped to improve your endurance, define your body and, last but not least, burn calories. Training accessories make the exercises more effective and, as they are available in various weights, they can be adapted to suit your fitness level and requirements. Also, if you are looking for fun: you could have a go at trampolining and skipping again! Anyone can do it, and regular jumping keeps you fit. You can find more detailed information in the descriptions of all these items; help and advice are also available from us directly. Just get in touch!