Fitness Accessories

From Weighted Vests through to Olympic Collars, Gorilla Sports have an extensive range of affordable accessories to bolster your workout. We only sell high-quality weight lifting equipment. Let us help you increase performance today!

To help push through the pain barrier, our Training Gloves give your palms protection against rough metal, while our Weight Lifting Straps and Belts protect your body against injury. Just as important is protecting your floor. Our Interlocking Floor Mats are more than up to the task.

We refuse to be beaten on price anywhere else on the web, that’s the Gorilla Sports’ Price Guarantee!

Are you planning on setting up your own strength room? Or do you already have fitness equipment in your home gym? As well as having cross trainers, dumbbells etc., it is also important to have the right accessories for your equipment too. If you need stands and racks, handles, gloves or adapters, just click through our range to find high-quality products for your next workout!


Fitness accessories: practical equipment for your own weight room and gym

It’s often the small things that make the difference between success and failure. Special little accessories made for fitness can also make a big difference. For example, handles in various shapes and designs such as with swivel joints or extremely robust. Or cuffs and vests for weights, lifting pads, protective mats or clamps and adapters for example for dumbbell bars or weight benches. If you are not sure which accessory is the right one for you, just ask us direct. We are always happy to give professional advice from our long-term experience in weight training and fitness.


Accessories for the fitness studio: fully equipped for your next training session

Home sweet home: many sports enthusiasts build themselves a gym at home so they can train whenever they like without any disturbances. They can design and equip their home gym exactly according to their own tastes and personal requirements. Gorilla Sports Online Shop has the very best accessories you need for your gym and all in fitness studio quality, of course. Stands and racks to keep everything organised and tidy are also a must. For example, sturdy professional weight racks, racks for dumbbell in different materials and colours, and barbell, medicine ball or kettlebell racks. Take a look and check it out now! You can benefit from the special set offers and free delivery within Germany. Gorilla Sports – your training partner for fitness equipment and accessories.