2x Dumbbell Bars 42cm, 30mm

2x Dumbbell Bars 42cm, 30mm

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2x Dumbbell Bars 42cm, 30mm

The chrome dumbbell bars in detail:

With dumbbells you are able to perform many different exercises for your upper body and arms Since you should never forget leg day, you are also well equipped with the dumbbell by Gorilla Sports, because with exercises like lunges, the big advantages of a set of dumbbell becomes clear

Features and Specifications

  • Max Load per bar 100KG
  • Length of the weight plate holder 14cm
  • Inner handle size 1350cm
  • Weight per bar 3KG
  • Diameter 30cm

What else should you know about the dumbbell bars?

These dumbbell bars have a high-quality chrome plating and are accordingly stable and robust The practical handle knurling and marking ensures that you always have a firm grip and always have full control over complicated and dangerous over-head exercises The enclosed star caps of the set allow you to quickly and easily attach the weights Since the rod has a diameter of 30 mm, you can use it with all the typical weights with the 31 mm hole, including the Gorilla Sports weights

2x Dumbbell Bars 42cm, 30mm

Product code: 100791-00004-0057

EAN: 4260438731983

Manufacturer: Gorilla Sports

weight: 5.00 kg

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