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Weight Plates Buyers Guide

Gorilla Sports offers the full range of weight plates to allow any level of users to tailor make a weight sets to suit their budget and ability. You can either create a full set or buy single plates to add to your collection.

Gorilla Sports offers four different finishes in two designs:

Cast iron weight plates

Made from top quality power coated cast iron these tough weights are available from 1.25-30Kg. Embossed with the weight specification these weight plates are built to last. Cast iron weight plates are ideal for all levels of user and withstand heavy-duty use.

Chrome weight plates

These durable, stylish plates have a high quality chrome finish embossed with the weight specification. They have a smooth, curved edge and would make an attractive addition to any gym. Available in weights from 1.25-30Kg they are suitable for all levels of user.

Rubber weight plates

Quieter in use than metal weight plates these are made from a cast iron core coated with scratch resistant black natural rubber. They are the perfect choice for professionals as they can withstand heavy use. Available in weights from 1.35-25Kg they are suitable for all levels of user.

Vinyl weight plates

These are a great value for money option. Crafted from heavy-duty black vinyl filled with compacted cement these are a pefect way to build up a home gym. Available in weights from 1.25-15Kg you can combine these plates to create a set to meet your needs.

Tri grip cast iron weight plates


Built to the same high standard as Gorilla Sports’ solid cast iron weight plates our tri grip cast iron weight plates use a versatile design that makes them easy to load and unload onto bars, simple to handle and great for a range of exercises. They are available in weights from 1.25-20Kg.


Tri grip vinyl weight plates

Crafted from tough scratch-resistant black vinyl filled with compacted cement these are a great value-for-money option. Weights range from 1.25-15Kg and the tri grip design means they are easy to load and unload onto weight bars, simple to handle and ideal for a whole range of exercises.

All Gorilla Sports weight plates are designed for use with Gorilla Sports barbells, which are the European standard of 30mm, and with Gorilla Sports weight stations. Please check your bars before buying Gorilla Sports weight plates to ensure that they will fit correctly.

N.B. Always use weights safely and responsibly. Ensure they are set up correctly and securely and always use a spotter when you are lifting heavy weights.

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